NPSS Is Looking For Your Feedback…

North Peace Secondary School is in the market for a new school mascot! After years of faithful service, our Ookapik and Oscar are heading for retirement.  Their unbridled support for our teams has made them legends of our High School.

This means that the position of mascot is open for our North Peace Secondary Teams!  We are hosting a contest to select a new mascot that will bring the same enthusiasm and pride that their predecessors did before them.  A few guiding rules for the contest:

  1. The name must be tasteful and appropriate for all audiences
  2. The name needs to work as a symbol from our Northern Community
  3. The Mascot and name needs to be a readily identifiable character and must also not overlap other local school mascots.
  4. All entries must received by our online survey by June 5th, 2018 by 12:00am
  5. The contest entries will be evaluated by NPSS’s three panel administration with the winner being awarded an authentic NPSS Spirit Wear hooded sweatshirt.
  6. Head to the NPSS Athletics website and click on the ‘NPSS Mascot Survey Link’ and submit your response!

The winner will be announced in the Alaska Highway News and on Moose FM.  So tune in on June 8th to hear if your name is a winner!

To enter the contest please click here!





NPSS is considering a change for its school’s Athletics mascot.  We are looking for the public’s input to ensure that the community has the opportunity to be a part of the final decision!

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