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W.E. Browser, The End of the Internet, (June 15, 2004), URL

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Book: One Author

Abel, Samuel. Capital Punishment in the Ancient World. Toronto: J.O. Simpson, 1986.

Book: Two or Three Authors

Best, Sally, June Brown and Harry Mole. The Death Penalty. New York: Hutton and
Sons, 1981 .

Book: More than Three Authors

Brown, Sue, et al. A Study of Crime. New York: Macmillan, 1985.

Book: More than one Volume

Cabet, P. A Complete History of Penology. Rome: St Martin’s Press, 1949, 4 vols.

Book: Compiled by Editor(s)

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Aids, 1987.

Book: Only one Chapter or Article Used

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on Controversial Issues,
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Quote from a book

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Book: Later Edition

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Government Document

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Encyclopedia Article (Unsigned)

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Encyclopedia Article (Signed)

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Magazine Article (Signed)

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Newspaper Article (Signed)

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Audio Visual Software

Long, Larry. Crime and Punishment. (3 filmstrips, 3 cassettes, guide). New York:
General AV, 1983.


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Abstract: Reader’s Guide Abstracts

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Abstract: Biology Digest

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Interview Form

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TV / Radio

“Taking Sides.” The Fifth Estate. Toronto: CBC Television, 7 November 1987.