Computer Help

NPSS has over 140 computers available for student use. Most of these computers are in computer labs and are available only at designated times. The library computers are available for students to use during blocks provided no classes have booked them. The use of the computers must be for school related work only. The library is open from 8:30am – 4pm.

Mr. Li (room 206/208 back office) is the Network Administrator for NPSS, he is available to help with laptop,  network or hardware problems.

Help Topics

Where do I print?

Where do I save?

How do I print a PDF at school?

How can I save money and paper on printing?

How do I put a file in a teachers network dropbox?

How do I scan a picture or document in the Library or Career Centre?

How can I transfer files for homework from home to school?

Any other help topics you would like listed? email