School Charges

The Board of Trustees approves costs at North Peace Secondary. The deposit for textbooks is $70.00. This amount is refundable when a student leaves the school if there are no outstanding charges. There is also an annual, non-refundable cultural event charge of $15.00, and a one-time lock/locker rental of $5.00.

The fee schedule for optional workbooks is as follows:

Accounting 11/12: $30

Science 10: $15

Chemistry 11/12: $30

Physics 11/12: $30

Workplace Math 10/11/12: $30

Bridging Math: $30

Pre-Cal Math 11/12: $30

Foundations Math 11/12: $15

Foundations & Pre-Cal 10: $30

German Workbook: $30

Spanish: $30

Courses cost as set by an outside agency.

If you have questions about fees please contact the office. Caution fee records cannot be kept past two years and therefore, refunds will not be made beyond that. Students unable to pay fees may make arrangements with the administration.