Monday, March 30-2020 Update:

Note to Parent and Students

Good Morning.  I wish I was standing at the doors to welcome students back into the building today but that will likely not happen for a while.  We have lots of information to get out to students and parents.  Messages will be coming out daily so please read everything carefully.  The same information will also be posted on the NPSS website.

The information we are getting is changing rapidly and frequently so please follow closely.  

Grade 12 Students:  I am sure this is not the final few months of Grade 12 that any of us envisioned!  We have heard lots of inquiries about a number of important topics. Here is what I can tell you today:

Grad 2020 and Prom:  These events are not cancelled at this time. A decision will be delayed as long as possible.  Capstone Projects are still a requirement and need to be completed.

Scholarships will need to be completed online as well.  We will look to set up a Zoom meeting for Grade 12 students to go over scholarships once we have more information. 

Learning for All students:   Our target date for resuming learning will be Monday, April 6. Learning outcomes for each individual course will be looked at by the teacher and a determination will be made about which big ideas to proceed with.  Factors affecting these decisions are internet accessibility, devices, the ability to deliver online, etc.  At this time, we are still planning on issuing report cards and grades for all courses.

Teachers will be working hard all week to put these new learning methods and goals in place.  There will be lots of challenges to work out. Teachers will find ways to work around internet accessibility issues.  The school has a large number of chrome books that can be lent out if needed.

Every student who is eligible to graduate or pass classes will do so.  However, if you only have 72 credits completed towards graduation, you are not eligible to graduate and you will not.  If you need every course you have this semester to graduate, you will still need to pass these courses to gain credit.  If you had 10% before spring break in the course, you will be expected to complete the work, in whichever manner your teacher asks you to.  You will be given an opportunity to meet the requirement to pass.  But if you do not do any of the work, you will not be successful.  If any of this information changes, we will let you know right away.

Students and the public are not permitted in the building until further notice.  A process for students to collect the contents of their lockers will be sent out later this week.  

Course selections will be occurring shortly as well.  We will set up a process whereby each student and/or their parent will be called by a staff member to complete course selections for the upcoming year.  Course handbooks with descriptions and course codes are on the school website and were emailed to all parents and students.  

We understand that this is a stressful time for everyone. Please be sure to take care of yourselves. You will be receiving a large amount of information all at once and will have many questions. Please direct your questions to the following email address We will be monitoring this email on a regular basis.