Numeracy and Literacy Assessment

The Grade 10 Graduation Numeracy Assessment (GNA 10) is a provincial assessment that assesses student proficiency in numeracy. It is a graduation requirement that students will take in their Grade 10 year. For more details about GNA 10, download this parent brochure pdf.

The Grade 10 Graduation Literacy Assessment (GLA 10) assesses students’ ability to use critical thinking and analysis to make meaning from a diverse array of texts. It also assesses the ability of students to communicate their ideas. GLA 10 is not based on a particular course but on learning across multiple subjects, from kindergarten to Grade 10.

Both of these assessments are requirements in order to graduate. Students do not receive course credits for these assessments, and their marks do not affect their GPA. Students will have 3 opportunities to write these assessments. The next assessment days will be in January. 

NPSS is running an alternate schedule on Monday and Tuesday of this week (November 4 & 5) to accommodate the Numeracy and Literacy assessments. The Grade 10 Numeracy Assessment is being written in the students’ grade 10 math block, and the Literacy assessment will be in their grade 10 English block. If a grade 10 student is not enrolled in either class this semester, they’ll be writing their assessment next semester, in the long block days in April. Students are expected to attend their other classes as scheduled.