About NPSS

Nestled in the beautiful traditional territory of the Dene-Zaa People, North Peace Secondary School, is a vibrant, dynamic and diverse school community of two campuses with more than 1300 learners enrolled as of September 2021. Included in the population of our school community are more than 200 Indigenous learners from the local First Nations communities of Doig River, Halfway River, and Blueberry River, as well as Métis, Inuit, and other First Nations communities. In addition, we have a large community of International learners and recent immigrants from outside and within Canada.

North Peace Secondary School includes a main campus that serves Grade 10-12 learners and a secondary location, the Energetic Learning Campus (ELC), that serves Grade 10. NPSS serves a population that is varied in socio-economic demographics. We offer diverse courses and programs to help learners obtain abilities using applied design, skills, and technology with a deeper connection to real-world practice to meet their life goals. Here, their educational development is focused on evolving their personal responsibility in the world to contribute to society in meaningful and productive ways.

NPSS is a beautiful two-storey structure with open and naturally lit upper hallways that resembles the modern mall-type setting. NPSS is a modern facility in every respect offering a complete automotive program, construction program, and welding and metal fabrication program.

Many students are involved in Work Experience, Apprenticeship or Dual Credit Programs. In addition, students have an opportunity to take classes in Lifeguarding, Hockey and Yoga. Annually, within the Arts Programs, our school presents a major musical that involves over 100 students and staff, showcasing our students’ many talents. Regarding technology, we have computers with up-to-date, industry-standard software and over 350 Chrome Books laptops that students can use during classes.