Numeracy and Literacy – Provincial Assessments

The following describes our policy with respect to Provincial Assessments:

Exam Regulations

  1. Students should be at the examination room 15 minutes before the assessment starts if possible. Teachers should arrive 30 minutes before the assessments begins where possible. The signal to start the assessment will be given by the assessment supervisor.
  2. No student will be permitted to leave the assessment room within one hour of the start of the assessment and if a student does leave, (s)he will not be permitted to return during the assessment. In an emergency situation, the student may be allowed to leave if accompanied by a supervisor.
  3. No food is allowed at students’ desks during an exam (cough candies are acceptable). Drinks will be allowed provided they are not distracting to others.
  4. No hats or jackets are to be worn during the exam. Students are advised to bring sweaters or sweat shirts in order to be prepared for a cold room.
  5. No student shall be permitted to enter the assessment room after thirty (30) minutes from the start of any assessment. It is the student’s responsibility to report at the time scheduled for the assessment. An error in reading the timetable is not automatically an acceptable reason for allowing a student to write the examination. An opportunity to write may only be authorized by the Principal or his designate. A review committee may be involved to consider exceptional circumstances. Note these regulations apply to In-Class Examinations as well.
  6. The Numeracy assessment has a built in calculator and therefore students do not. need to bring a calculator to the assessment.
  7. Cell phones or other electronic devices not specifically authorized for assessment purposes are strictly prohibited.
  8. It is the responsibility of each individual student to be in the correct assessment room at the correct time.
  9. Students who want teacher assistance must raise their hand and wait for their teacher to come to them. Should any student be found cheating or aiding cheating, the supervisor shall confiscate the assessment paper immediately. The assessment and any confiscated materials will be given to the principal, with a complete explanation of the circumstances.
  10. The order to stop writing must be obeyed immediately.

PROVINCIAL ASSESSMENTS:  These assessments can only be written on the days set by the Ministry.