Grad 2022

Graduation Ceremony Begins 1:30 PM 

Grad Fees

Grad Fees have been set at $80 again this year and are now due. These fees go directly to covering the cost of the grad ceremony, including equipment rentals, gowns, programs and videography. Fees have been uploaded into MyEd if you’d like to pay online, or we can take cash, cheque, or credit at the office.

Baby Photos

We love to see how far our grads have come and would encourage each grad to submit up to 5 baby photos to include in the slideshow. Photos can be emailed to: or originals can be brought to the office to be scanned.

Grad Gowns

Gown rentals are ordered for each grad based on their height. Please email height measurement to:


Attached is an order form for Grad Hoodies. First deadline to get your order in is Monday, January 31st, A final order will be placed at the end of April. Hoodies will take approximately 4-6 weeks to come in.

Grad 2022 Hoodie Order Form