North Peace Prom 2024

Prom Report Update Oct 24 2022

Hello Grade 12 Students & Parents/Guardians –

Plans are underway for another fun-filled and festive memorable event for Saturday June 15th. We hope our excitement and enthusiasm will aid in encouraging others to help us fundraise to support our efforts and lower ticket costs. We are currently working on more fundraising opportunities, theme choices, and decorating ideas.
There will be a grade 12 student prom theme vote fundraiser this week on Thursday & Friday, Oct 26 & 27th during lunch hours in front of the cafeteria; one vote per grade 12 student at $2.00/vote.
Our Mom’s Pantry Fall Fundraiser is now taking online orders; catalogues will soon arrive for anyone
wanting a hard copy and to order on paper. The ordering deadline is Nov 30th with product to arrive before Christmas. We have a goal of $4000+ in sales to qualify for free shipping. Please see above for all the how-to-order online details. Excellent high-quality frozen food and dry goods. The top grade 12 student seller will earn two free tickets to Prom! We invite you to please share this delicious fundraiser!
We are planning bottle drives in January and in April. If anyone has a big garage or work warehouse we are able to use, please let us know.
There is a Facebook page and an Instagram account for Prom for students and parents to stay connected with what is happening with Prom and ways to help. Please invite other grade 12 students/parents to join.
FB = PROM 2024 North Peace
IG = prom_2024_np
In May we will organize for parent volunteers needed to help at our event; set up /decorating /registration /security/clean up but not all take down as decorations and some lighting will stay for Gradfest, taking place after Grad Day and the Grand March, June 21st. Tickets for Prom will go on sale in April/May. Please note that Prom and Gradfest are parent/community-sponsored events, not NPSS events; please direct any questions or concerns to Donna Furber or myself for Prom. (and to for Gradfest)
A reminder to all that these celebrations are safe and dry events, meaning zero tolerance policy regarding drugs and/or alcohol. Thank you for your support and understanding.

Donna Furber, Prom Liaison, 250-262-6601
Crystal Holden, Prom Coordinator Helper, 250-793-6952 (underscore between our names)