Honour Roll Information

Recognition for Excellence


The following scale for marks is used at NPSS:

A: 86% to 100%

B: 73% to 85%

C: 60% to 66%

C-: 50% to 59%

C+: 67% to 72%

“I”: Incomplete

In Progress” or “Incomplete” (I) means the student, for a variety of reasons, is not demonstrating minimally acceptable performance in relation to the expected learning outcomes.

Honour Roll

The Honour Roll recognizes academic achievement throughout the year. A seven-point scale is used in its calculation with an A=7, B=6, C+=5 and so on. For the purposes of Honour Roll calculation, only marks at C or above will be used. In addition, there must be no “N’s” for work habits or incident(s) of suspension from class/school for that term.

A stamp on the report card will indicate honours standing. To receive special Honour Roll recognition at the end of the year, a student must have qualified for Honour Roll status three consecutive terms. In June, students will be recognized for achieving this status.

Principal’s List 7.0 point average

Gold Honours 6.5 point average

Burgundy Honours 6.0 point average

The status of a student with one or more Incomplete (I) as a grade will NOT qualify for the Honour Roll unless the student has completed the required work to have the I changed to a regular grade. Each situation will be reviewed on an individual basis, as some programs require a different evaluation process.

Work Ethics

This recognition will be given to students who have demonstrated good work ethics. Report card symbols “E”, “G”, “S”, and “N” are used as indicators.

The symbols are based on student attendance, attitude, behaviour, effort, participation, preparation, and general work ethic. In order to achieve recognition for Work Ethics, a student must:

  1. Be enrolled in three or more courses per semester have all “E” or “G” work ethic symbols

Work Habits Rubric

AttendanceAlways attends class (unless excused)Consistently attends class (unless excused)Usually attends classFrequently absent
PunctualityAlways on timeConsistently on timeUsually on timeFrequently late (habitually)
Prepared materialsAlways prepared for classConsistently prepared for classUsually prepared for classUnprepared for class
Task CompletionAssignments are always completedAssignments are completed consistentlyAssignments are usually completedAssignments often incomplete / not done
Academic IntegrityWork is original. Where appropriate sources are accurately cited.Work is original. Where appropriate sources are consistently cited.Work is original. Where appropriate sources are usually cited.Work is not original. Sources not cited.
ParticipationHigh degree of positive and meaningful participation initiated by studentParticipates and/or makes a positive contribution in classUsually participates and/or makes a positive contribution in classSeldom participates and rarely contributes in class
Follows InstructionsAlways listens and follows teacher instructionsConsistently listens and follows teacher instructionsUsually listens and follows teacher instructionsRarely listens and follows teacher instructions
Respect for DiversityAlways interacts with those who differ in opinionInteracts with those who differ in opinionUsually interacts with those who differ in opinionMay passively avoid working with those who differ in some way
FocusAlways works without direct supervision; always on taskWorks without direct supervision: on taskUsually works without direct supervision: on taskSeldom works without direct supervision
Responsibility for WorkActively seeks out personal growth and learning opportunitiesSeeks extra help when neededUsually seeks extra help when neededDoes not seek help when needed