Tuesday, March 31 Update from NPSS Main Campus 

Good Day.  Some important information for parents and students.  Many thanks for all the emails, texts and questions you are sending in.  We are working as quick as we can to get answers out and put processes in place to meet the needs of our new learning reality. 

We will be starting tomorrow to make contacts with families to arrange designated times for students to collect their supplies/textbooks, and belongings that are currently in their lockers. Please read and be ready to follow the protocols that will be in the email.  Students will not be allowed in the building. 

Counselors will be getting in contact with Grade 12 students to confirm graduation status.  From the Ministry is the following information:

Information Specific to All Graduating Students

Every student eligible to graduate this year will graduate. To be eligible to graduate means that if a student were to successfully complete courses underway and in progress for completion this June, they would satisfy all graduation requirements. This does not mean that students will graduate “no matter what”. Students are expected to continue their learning and complete the assignments set out by their teachers in order to graduate.

This includes the Capstone project.  Students must contact their CLC 12 teacher by the end of next week to confirm plans for completion of the Capstone project. 

Teachers will be contacting all students and families this week.  Next Monday is the projected start day for our new Continuity of Learning plan. 

We will be working on a plan to support families with either no technology devices and/or internet accessibility.  We will get that information out to parents as soon as we can.