Wednesday, April 1 Update from NPSS Main Campus

Good Day.  Some important information for parents and students.  The process for collecting locker contents started today.  More than 250 students received an email to come by the school to have their belongings/textbooks and stuff.  Many thanks to the students as they were modelling social/physical distancing very well!! This process will continue the rest of the week till everyone has their belongings. 

Technology needs -  Teachers have been contacting parents and/or students about devices.  We will start calling parents tomorrow who have indicated a need for a chrome book and have them come to the school to get the chrome book.  Instructions will be given during the phone call. Requests for chrome books must be made through the classroom teacher. 

Grade 12’s – Counsellors are going through Diploma Verification forms to ensure that students are on track for graduation.  If you have any concerns in this regard at all, please contact your counsellor. Counsellor contact info is at the following link

Teachers are working hard this week and will be ready to implement our Continuity of Learning Plan on Monday.