What it Means to be a Grizzly: Winter Awards


Coaches Ian Forbes & Josh Cullen

The wrestling team had a great season, with as many as 15 kids coming out at one time for practice. This year, the program focused on skill development, fostering a love of the sport, and providing as many students as possible with the opportunity to learn. The team traveled to Grande Prairie twice, once to participate in a mini-camp with wrestlers from Grande Prairie Composite High School and once to compete in the Northern Lights Wrestling Tournament. We are hoping to build on the success we had this season and look forward to next year! 

Top Wrestler: Hailey Gillard

Coaches Choice: William King 


Coach Samantha Stackhouse

This season was certainly special, with a significant amount of practice time spent laughing, and many more post-game cookies than were necessary. While there’s no doubt that the girls demonstrated significant improvement in both their technical skills and their knowledge of the game throughout the season, I think they would tell you that the best part of being on the team was the connection that they made with each other and the love of the game that we fostered every single day. We finished the season as more than just a team, we finished as a family. Girls: Congrats on a great season! I can’t wait to see what you can do at the senior level next year. Always remember to prioritize and execute. 

Most Valuable Player: Sophia De Torres

Coaches Choice: Meghan Stobbe


Coach Eugene Concepcion

The team was composed of fine young men with varying degrees of basketball experience and skill level. As the season went along, the team developed that bond and cohesiveness that made them tough to beat. The team developed a never say die attitude and the game is not over till the last second mentality. We were in games in which we were losing by 30 points before half but managed to win the game at the end proves this point. The team had one first place finish, three second place finishes, one fourth place finish and one fifth place finish. Overall, the junior boys team had a great season – learned and developed skills as the season progressed, made good friends with teammates and opponents alike but most of all, the team had FUN and love the game of basketball.

MVP: Cy Bellamy

Coaches Choice: Zack Dool


Coaches Jaclyn McNicol & Rebecca Tompkins 

The 2019-2020 season started off strong with the girls working hard to strive for their goals. The team worked hard in practice to demonstrate it on the court. The focus was on changing our mindset on the court because frustration or anger would easily change our skill level. Once the individuals started to turn their mental toughness around the team began to play strong basketball. Thinking and acting like a basketball player was an important aspect to the team, each individual had to do that. The tournaments that we went to in Grande Prairie, Dawson Creek and Prince George ending with a 3rd, 4th or 5th place finish. The team was filled with injuries this year that prevented the team to fully grow. Competing in Zones the team set out to play the best basketball they have played all year. This was the first time all 12 members of the team played a full game. The girls fought hard to the very end but fell short. Thank you all for stepping up and taking the challenge. It didn’t end the way we wanted it to but we had some fun along the way!

Most Valuable Player: Jordynn McPherson

Coaches Choice: Kaylie Willeboordse

Ross Memorial Most Inspirational: MacKenzie O’Brien

Rookie of the Year: Linsey Edwards


Coaches Gabe Gonzales & Ryan Galay 

We came into the season having high expectations and big goals for this team, because of the amount of talent we had on the court. It was overall a successful and winning season, but in the end we came short of Provincials, as we lost in a 3 game series to the PGSS Polars, at Zones. Regardless, it was a tremendous season that allowed the boys to learn and grow on the court, but more importantly grow as people. Lastly, we had lots of fun as a team and those experiences are the most important part of a successful program.  

Most Valuable Player: Liam Peterson 

Coaches Choice: Anaff Dema

Ross Memorial Most Inspirational: Tristan Soychuk

Rookie of the Year: Gryphon Talbot

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