Dual Credits, Trades & Work Experience


The opportunities for ​work experience​ are endless! Hundreds of employers in Fort St. John open their doors to NPSS students each year. Starting with basic employability skills such as resume and cover letter writing, job interview skills, and workplace safety, students are then put into a career placement in an area of their choice. While students are encouraged to sign to ​work experience​ at the beginning of the first semester, they are able  to sign up at any time during the school year.

Work Experience can be volunteer or paid! Students work 90 hours on a worksite and complete assignments to  receive 4 credits. Students can complete two placements, WEX12A and WEX12B!

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Work Experience at the ELC contact Louis Vaccaro at lvaccaro@prn.bc.ca

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If you are in grades 10, 11, or 12, you could be gaining course credits for working in a trade as an apprentice as early as 14 years of age. All the hours completed are logged in with the ITA’s ​Youth Work in Trades​ program and count towards the student’s Red Seal Certification!

For every 120 hours worked, students earn 4 credits, up to 16 credits: Youth Work in  Trades 11A, 11B, 12A, 12B. Students are paid and can work after school, weekends, during holidays or the summer!

All students signing up to an apprenticeship will be enrolled in Intro to Apprenticeship 12, a course designed to help students in their career path!

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Students can take a variety of college courses/programs while they are still in high school and earn credit at both institutions. Students typically spend one semester of Grade 12 in a program at the college. Prior to enrolment, students will learn how to access the tools and skills necessary to prepare and be successful in a college setting. Dual Credit students receive support from the high school and the college, so that a seamless transition is achieved.

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The Youth Train in Trades program is the college component of a high school apprenticeship. Youth Train in Trades students are Youth Apprentices registered with the Industry Training Authority (ITA).

There are a number of tuition free programs students can enroll in:

  • Advanced Certificate Culinary Arts
  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineer
  • Automotive Service Technician
  • Carpentry
  • Electrician
  • Hairdressing
  • Heavy-Duty Technician
  • Millwright
  • Oil & Gas Operations
  • Piping Trades
  • Plumber
  • Power Engineering
  • Professional Cook Training
  • Welding “C” Ticket
  • Wind Turbine Technician

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Youth Explore Trades Sampler (YETS)​ is intended to introduce students in grades 10-12 to the opportunity to sample trades prior to engaging in the commitment required to complete a classic dual credit or apprenticeship educational pathway.

Students in the program will be exposed to 5 different trades (currently carpentry,  plumbing, electrical, mechanics, welding), learning the basics as well as practical skills. Students in the program also complete a number of safety tickets, including WHMIS, First Aid, H​2​S, TDG, and Confined Spaces. Once the course component is completed, students participate in a work experience component in a trade of  interest.

This program takes place at Northern Lights College. Students receive 16 credits for  its successful completion.

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Dual Credit – Certificate Programs

Students take college-level courses or certification programs at Northern Lights College and the credits count towards their graduation from NPSS as well as towards their first year at college or university – tuition is fully paid.

  • Some Certificate Programs:
  • Applied Business Technology
  • Business Management Certificate
  • Early Childhood Education
  • Educational Assistant
  • Esthetics & Nail Care Technology
  • Health Care Assistant
  • Licensed Practical Nursing

Contact Sharon Hoecherl at shoecherl@prn.bc.ca


Workforce Training Certificates 12 (WTC12) is an elective course provided through The Key Learning Centre (https://keylearning.ca/), developed to provide students with the opportunity to participate in workforce training opportunities while in high school. This course will allow students to complete training certificates that support their personalized learning plan and increase their ability to successfully transition to the paid workforce. Students will be certified in H2S Alive and Occupational First Aid Level 1 and then take other safety courses through an online learning platform.

Contact: 250-261-5660 or info@keylearning.ca