Grad Parade Map – assigned spots

The attached map below outlines the ‘Grad Reverse Parade’ for Friday June 19th at 1:30pm -3:00pm. The Grad parade will have students placed in designated spots as outlined on the map. Those community members that would like to celebrate and share well wishes need to know that the parade route will not be closed off. Drivers will need to follow all road rules, including stop signs, lights etc. The route will be monitored by Energetic Traffic Control. The parade route speed limit is 30Km/hr. A special shout out to Energetic Traffic Control for coming alongside of us to make this a manageable event. Thank you to the City of Fort St. John for supporting our grads.

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Updated Grad Information – Parade, Gowns. Scholarships and Ceremony Streaming

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What it means to be Indigenous to Us

We would like to acknowledge the video, “What it means to us to be Indigenous,” it was created on the traditional territory of the Dane-zaa. The schools of School District No. 60, Fort St. John BC, are represented by their logo. Indigenous Education Centre staff participated using words, statements, and artifacts. Dane-zaa and Cree languages are incorporated within the video. A heart-felt thanks to everyone who participated!

“Stadium Pow Wow” Copyright 2016

A Tribe Called Red “Electric Pow Wow Drum” Copyright 2012

A Tribe Called Red All songs used by permission.

A special thank you to A Tribe Called Red, and Valeo Arts Management.

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SD60 Jazz Band

Joe Brooks and the SD60 Jazz band perform Louie Louie!
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NPSS Grizzlies Slideshow

Enjoy this slideshow of the 19/20 NPSS Grizzlies sports teams.

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NPSS Athletic Awards: Major Award Recipients

Athlete of the Year: This award is given to one Male and Female athlete from this year’s graduating class who consistently demonstrates the following characteristics: leadership, sportsmanship, community involvement, academic achievement, and a desire to do their best both on and off the field.

Female Athlete of the Year: Jordynn McPherson

Hard-working, dedicated, driven, gritty: these are all words that describe Jordynn McPherson. Whether it’s an early morning practice or dryland session, Physics class, or back to back soccer and basketball practices, Jordy always brings her best effort and an unwavering positive attitude. 

Relentless in her pursuit for improvement, Jordy approaches every practice and training session with focus and a positive mindset. Attacking hills on a cross country course, or putting shots up before basketball practice, she is consistent in her effort to be the best athlete than she can be. 

Whether it’s going through a warm-up with younger athletes at a cross country meet and making sure they’re at the start line on time or leading her basketball team in a 3-game series against Prince George, Jordy is a leader both on and off the court. She works just as hard in class as at practice and consistently demonstrates the qualities that many of our younger student-athletes strive for. All of her hard work over the years of high school sports has paid off, with a commitment to play soccer at SAIT in the Fall. Congrats Jordy! 

Jaime McPherson (2017/2018 Female Athlete of the Year): “When I think of an athlete, these 3 words cross my mind: resilience, dedication, and determination. I believe these words perfectly encompass my younger sister. Jordynn has always been dedicated to being the well-rounded student-athlete my parents raised us to be. She is one of the most self-determined athletes I have met. She uses her free time to shoot hoops at the school gym, practice ball-handling skills in our garage, and crushes out multiple workouts throughout the week. She is determined to be the best player on the court. Jordynn is a role model that many people look up to, and she always leads by example. You knock her down, and she’ll get right back up. There is no one who is more deserving of this award, and I am more than excited to have my sister play varsity soccer alongside me this Fall”

Celine Quigley (2018/2019 Female Athlete of the Year): “Jordynn is very hard-working and always positive, constantly trying to improve in any sport she participates in. She is always sacrificing so much and dedicating so much of her life to sports! I’ve never heard her once complain about something being too hard. With her attributes she’s gained through being dedicated to sports her whole life, you can see it paid off many ways, especially in her commitment to the women’s soccer team at SAIT. Congrats Jordy!”

Dan & Jaimelia Turner (Senior Girls Soccer): “After coaching Jordynn for 11 years, we are proud to see her join her sister at SAIT. Jordynn has grown into a midfield playmaker that is difficult to contain. Her exceptional footwork and surgical passing will make her an invaluable part of her new team. I predict a freshman all-star team appointment”

Jaclyn McNicol (Senior Girls Basketball): “From the coach’s perspective, Jordynn led the team on and off the court. She continuously strived to be the best leader for her team by actively demonstrating what hard work and commitment look like. Jordynn demonstrated growth in her mental toughness this year, starting out all over the place and growing into being able to channel her emotions to become a competitive beast. Jordy: We are proud to have had you as captain of the Sr Girls basketball team. Remember as you move forward in your athletic career, “You fuel your heart with six things: what you watch, what you read, what you listen to, who you surround yourself with, how you talk to yourself and what you visualize” – Joshua Medcalf. 

Male Athlete of the Year: Tristan Hynes

Between Cross Country, Volleyball, and Wrestling, Tristan Hynes put in over 150 hours of practice throughout the Fall and Winter seasons. Outside of practice time, he could be found lifting weights, sitting outside the gym studying and/or eating dinner, or reffing basketball. It’s highly likely that he put in more 12+ hour days at the school than anyone else, all in the pursuit of being the best student-athlete that he could be. 

Even though he might not have been the best runner, Tristan always approached Cross Country with an open mind and a positive attitude. He consistently worked hard to improve, knowing that every ounce of improvement he made on a run would help him out on the volleyball court or on the wrestling mat. When he qualified for Provincials, it was never a question about whether or not he would go. Of course he would; he would never be able to pass up such a challenge. 

Aside from his involvement in school sports, Tristan is always looking for a way to push his body and mind to the limit. This could be anything from a 35KM row, 42KM bike, or hitting a PR on his clean and jerk. He is never satisfied and always looking for that next challenge, an attitude that will take him to the University of Toronto in the Fall. Congrats Tristan! 

Jerad Neufeld (Grade 7/8 Teacher): “I had the pleasure of teaching Tristan Hynes for both his grade 7 and 8 years at Upper Pine Elementary/Secondary School and he was a really fantastic and unique student who excelled in both athletics and academics, with equal aplomb and aptitude! When he started off in my class, Tristan was a quiet young man who played local hockey and also played some school basketball and volleyball. By the end of his grade 8 year, he was a very vocal team leader who pushed himself to excel in every sport put in front of him –from rugby to ultimate and every other sport in between– Tristan excelled as both an individual athlete and as a team player. I have not been surprised in the least to see all of Tristan’s athletic accomplishments and accolades pile up over the years! Which is not to say that I have lost track of Tristan over the years; he has often returned here to visit and to help me run our district rural school volleyball tournament (where he has worked his way up, year after year… from reffing, to coaching to becoming the tournament organizer this past year). I know that many of the younger students in our school rightfully look up to him as the role model that he is! While at NPSS, Tristan has starred for his school and served as captain of his rugby, volleyball and wrestling teams… but then also decides to go to Provincials in Cross Country just for the challenge? Dang. Perhaps the divergence of all of these sports will give the reader an accurate picture of what a great athlete he is, but he truly is just as impressive as a young man with a big heart and big things ahead of him, starting off next year at the University of Toronto. Well done, Tristan!”

Clayton Woodruff (Senior Boys Rugby): “I want to extend my heartfelt congratulations to Tristan Hynes for his most recent achievement as North Peace Secondary School male athlete of the year. It has been my privilege to know and coach Tristan at rugby. I know it was disappointing for him to miss his grade 12 season due to all the unusual circumstances going on. Despite this unfortunate turn of events, I know that Tristan will go on to succeed at whatever he decides to put his mind to. Tristan is very driven and serious about his education and his athletics. Tristan has a passion for rugby that infects and inspires the whole team. He is team-orientated, never misses practice, takes direction well, and above all works at keeping his mind and body in top shape. He is his own worst critic and will accept only his best efforts. He is competitive, humble, and leads by example. Tristan has definitely earned the title of 2020 NPSS male athlete of the year. He has put hours and hours into the 7 am workouts pushing his teammates and coaches to new levels at weights and rowing in the gym. Throughout the year Tristan has excelled in volleyball, track, rugby, and wrestling. Tristan is also an excellent student and is an above-average citizen. I will truly miss having this fine young man around and I look forward to seeing where his ambitions lead him.   Congratulations Tristan, I wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors”

Tyson Lyons (Senior Boys Volleyball): “Coaching Tristan was an honour. Every step he took in my gym was a step towards a goal he’d set for himself personally. He would show up early to practice to work on his academics or help out with the team practicing before us, and I would see him in the gym lifting weights before practice as well. He’s a multi-sport athlete as well, and would balance his other sports while playing volleyball. Tristan is a very focused and determined person and I know that he will excel in whatever the future holds with him. Good luck at U of T and congratulations on Athlete of the Year and graduating from NPSS!”

Outstanding Athletic Performance: Kane Schreiner 

This award is given to a student who was able to contribute and display outstanding, consistent, performance throughout the school season or who achieved outstanding recognition for their level of play. 

In our first cross country race of the season, Kane Schreiner sustained a potentially season-ending calf injury. While he still managed to finish the race in 3rd place, the injury sidelined him for most of the season. At first, he was barely able to walk, let alone run or train. Even though it was a disappointing start to the season, Kane maintained a positive mindset and the attitude that he was going to be well enough to compete at Zones. This positive attitude and willingness to persevere carried him through a handful of practices at the end of the season, and eventually to the North District Zone Championships… where he finished in 2nd place on a wet, snowy course and qualified for Provincials. 

At the BC Provincial Cross Country Championships in Abbotsford, there were 281 athletes competing in the Junior Boys Category. After sitting out almost the entire season, Kane pulled off the comeback of the year and finished in 28th place with a time of 14:06.

Kane: Congratulations on this outstanding achievement. We look forward to watching you grow as an athlete in the years to come!

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2020 SD60 Band Awards

Congratulations to all Senior Band members for your hard work! Your award winners are:

Most improved Band member: Brooklyn Hackworth

Service Award: Jonathon Pike

Top Musician, Grade 10: Brian Hoffmann

Top Musician, Grade 11: Cambria Tetrault

Top Musician, Grade 12: Rebekah Anderson

All Around Award: Meghan Pimm

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What it Means to be a Grizzly: Winter Awards


Coaches Ian Forbes & Josh Cullen

The wrestling team had a great season, with as many as 15 kids coming out at one time for practice. This year, the program focused on skill development, fostering a love of the sport, and providing as many students as possible with the opportunity to learn. The team traveled to Grande Prairie twice, once to participate in a mini-camp with wrestlers from Grande Prairie Composite High School and once to compete in the Northern Lights Wrestling Tournament. We are hoping to build on the success we had this season and look forward to next year! 

Top Wrestler: Hailey Gillard

Coaches Choice: William King 


Coach Samantha Stackhouse

This season was certainly special, with a significant amount of practice time spent laughing, and many more post-game cookies than were necessary. While there’s no doubt that the girls demonstrated significant improvement in both their technical skills and their knowledge of the game throughout the season, I think they would tell you that the best part of being on the team was the connection that they made with each other and the love of the game that we fostered every single day. We finished the season as more than just a team, we finished as a family. Girls: Congrats on a great season! I can’t wait to see what you can do at the senior level next year. Always remember to prioritize and execute. 

Most Valuable Player: Sophia De Torres

Coaches Choice: Meghan Stobbe


Coach Eugene Concepcion

The team was composed of fine young men with varying degrees of basketball experience and skill level. As the season went along, the team developed that bond and cohesiveness that made them tough to beat. The team developed a never say die attitude and the game is not over till the last second mentality. We were in games in which we were losing by 30 points before half but managed to win the game at the end proves this point. The team had one first place finish, three second place finishes, one fourth place finish and one fifth place finish. Overall, the junior boys team had a great season – learned and developed skills as the season progressed, made good friends with teammates and opponents alike but most of all, the team had FUN and love the game of basketball.

MVP: Cy Bellamy

Coaches Choice: Zack Dool


Coaches Jaclyn McNicol & Rebecca Tompkins 

The 2019-2020 season started off strong with the girls working hard to strive for their goals. The team worked hard in practice to demonstrate it on the court. The focus was on changing our mindset on the court because frustration or anger would easily change our skill level. Once the individuals started to turn their mental toughness around the team began to play strong basketball. Thinking and acting like a basketball player was an important aspect to the team, each individual had to do that. The tournaments that we went to in Grande Prairie, Dawson Creek and Prince George ending with a 3rd, 4th or 5th place finish. The team was filled with injuries this year that prevented the team to fully grow. Competing in Zones the team set out to play the best basketball they have played all year. This was the first time all 12 members of the team played a full game. The girls fought hard to the very end but fell short. Thank you all for stepping up and taking the challenge. It didn’t end the way we wanted it to but we had some fun along the way!

Most Valuable Player: Jordynn McPherson

Coaches Choice: Kaylie Willeboordse

Ross Memorial Most Inspirational: MacKenzie O’Brien

Rookie of the Year: Linsey Edwards


Coaches Gabe Gonzales & Ryan Galay 

We came into the season having high expectations and big goals for this team, because of the amount of talent we had on the court. It was overall a successful and winning season, but in the end we came short of Provincials, as we lost in a 3 game series to the PGSS Polars, at Zones. Regardless, it was a tremendous season that allowed the boys to learn and grow on the court, but more importantly grow as people. Lastly, we had lots of fun as a team and those experiences are the most important part of a successful program.  

Most Valuable Player: Liam Peterson 

Coaches Choice: Anaff Dema

Ross Memorial Most Inspirational: Tristan Soychuk

Rookie of the Year: Gryphon Talbot

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Being a Grizzly means being part of a family; a family that holds you to a higher standard, pushes you to be the best version of yourself, and will always be there to pick you up when you’re down. It means that whether you put that jersey on once, or more times than you can count, you will always be a Grizzly. 

Lots of people make excuses, quit when it gets hard, are afraid of failure, and avoid tough situations. Not Grizzlies. Being a Grizzly means saying YES to a challenge. It means running head-on into adversity without fear of adversity pushing back. Being a Grizzly means that you are not afraid of failing, because you know that failure is just another opportunity to learn.

Being a Grizzly means having pride in who you play for. It means showing up and leaving it all on the field, court, or track and knowing that your teammates standing beside you love the grind just as much as you do. It means waking up early, even when you don’t want to, because every day that you show up, you are rising to the challenge and getting better. Being a Grizzly means attacking every rep, set, drill, and down and back with intensity, drive, and an unwavering work ethic. It means giving your best effort, no matter what. 

Even though we didn’t have a Spring Season, the Grizzlies family found ways to stay together. We used this time off to work on our weaknesses, rehab injuries, and focus on our studies. Next season, we will come back bigger, faster, and stronger. 

To our Grade 12s: Thank you for showing us the way. You will always be a Grizzly. 

Being a Grizzly means that you will always belong to this family.

Remember, it’s still Grizzly Season. 


Coaches Rebecca Pimm & Samantha Stackhouse

We had a small, but committed, group of runners this season who ran in all kinds of weather from beautiful, sunny days to snow and -10! The team raced in Grande Prairie, Beaverlodge, and Dawson Creek, with a couple of 2nd and 3rd place finishes prior to competing in the NCD Zone Championships at the end of October. We had 4 runners compete at Zones, all of whom qualified for the BC Provincial Championships in Vancouver. After sitting out most of the season due to injury, Kane Schreiner had our best result, finishing in 28th place in the Junior Boys Division (out of 281 runners!). 

Top Runner: Jordynn McPherson

Coaches Choice: Carter Collins


Coaches Dan Turner & Dave Buziak

The season started in Prince George with a 2nd place finish after a loss in the final game to DP Todd. A number of the boys couldn’t make the trip. We were missing a few players and weren’t yet gelling as a team. The next tournament was provincials in Burnaby. After a 2-day bus ride, the boys had a strong tournament with 1-1-3 record. They placed 15th. The team showed exceptional character and true team spirit despite several unfortunate setbacks. A number of early sanctions proved to be the difference in some closer than anyone expected ties. The final game of the tournament was an emotional match up against Argyle Secondary School that brought the boys together like never before. Just in time for a two day drive back home. Overnight stops in Quesnel were worth a mention. It was an honour to coach them.

Most Valuable Player: Harrison Sewell

Coaches Choice: Caleb Mohninger

Rookie of the Year: Brock Schroeder


Coach Ian Zackodnik

We had a strong building year, performing well in tournaments, and finding our groove. The girls were committed to the team and improved leaps and bounds over the course of our season. We had a good balance of competition, entering two junior tournaments and two senior tournaments. While we didn’t place in the senior tournaments, they were an incredible learning experience and provided opportunities for growth that we wouldn’t have found playing against our own age group. At the end of the season, we qualified for the NCD Zone Championships in Prince George with a 2nd place finish at our Regional tournament, however, we weren’t able to travel due to inclement weather. It was a bittersweet end, but overall it was a great season with an awesome team of girls who played well and finished the season with their heads held high!

Most Valuable Player: Brooklyn Brown

Coaches Choice: Gracie English


Coach Alex Bacso

The best way to describe our season was rocky! We had a fairly dominant young team and there was a lot of growth. The most positive outcome of this year was our ability to challenge strong teams and earn points against some of the best teams in BC and Alberta. This year was a consistent learning curve not only for the players, but for myself with tons of ups and downs. The seniors set an excellent example for the juniors and I’m so proud to have coached all these incredible athletes and again always look forward to improving in the coming years!

Most Valuable Player: Brynn Shaw

Coaches Choice: MacKenzie O’Brien

Rookie of the Year: Ann Marie Barrette


Coach Tyson Lyons

Our season with the Senior Boys Volleyball team started off slow, but once we got the ball rolling and clicked together as a team I believe we could have competed with any of the teams we faced. Our team went from having a basic knowledge of volleyball to having a very technical understanding of the game. As a coach, it was beautiful to see them transition into those types of players. Unfortunately, the team didn’t get to continue on to provincials this year. However, we were able to capture the DCSS Gold Medal for the 3rd or 4th year in a row! I’d like to recognize the graduating athletes: Tim Stobbe, Andrew Middleton, Tristan Hynes, Jayden Beuckert, Nathan Narciso, and Jerald Cosme. The 6 of you were able to come into the gym and bring your own kinds of leadership and experiences to each practice. Without the 6 of you, I believe the season would have gone a lot differently. So I thank you, for bringing that leadership and giving the younger guys role models to look up to. Best of luck after high school, I am certain that you are all destined for great things.

Most Valuable Player: Nathan Narciso

Coaches Choice: Drew Woodruff

Rookie of the Year: Devon Lee

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What does it mean to be a Grizzly? ~ Part 3

Current NPSS students share what it means to them to be a Grizzly. Today, Megan Salinas, Brynn Shaw, Emma Carlstad, Tim Stobbe, Tristan Hynes, Jordynn McPherson, and Ethyn Lang are interviewed. Full article published on Alaska Highway News

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